Best times to view Great White Sharks

Shark Cage Diving - Great White Shark's breaching is mainly found in False Bay, Cape Town and best seen in the Winter season (June – End Aug), as this is the period of time in which the female seals give birth to their pups and the Sharks feed in wintertime because of this phenomenon. The parents of the pups have to go feed and leave Seal Island. This is when the Great Whites wait in the depths for this opportune moment to feed. I bet you cant wait to go Shark Cage Diving.

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Transport Services offered

When going Shark Cage Diving, You will be collected and transported to and from your Hotel or B&B (private transfers to be an extra cost). A Private transfer is recommended, as the bus has many Travelers to collect from different hotels/other venues and can take a while before you arrive at your destination. South African Adventures can arrange this (just ask us for this additional service).

What will be provided

  • A small continental breakfast will be provided upon arrival
  • Snacks and refreshments will also be provided on the boat
  • Orientation will take place as we settle for breakfast
  • A safety briefing on current sightings, indemnities, wetsuits and equipment will be discussed and a full briefing on all procedures

Qualified Guides onboard

  • You will be accompanied by a skipper, a qualified paramedic, Dive Master and support crew
  • Trip Duration – around 4 hours. Excludes time getting to and from your Hotel or B&B
  • Viewing on the boat is just as good as being in the Cage, so don’t stress if you do not wish to venture into the cage
  • All necessary Diving and Safety equipment is provided. A small lunch will be provided on your return to land

What time must I arrive ?

The Shark Cage Diving boat leaves just before sunrise - Don't be late! It will leave without you if you don't arrive on schedule, as we only have a certain timescale to witness this great phenomenon of natural wildlife. This is the moment that Great Whites hunt for seals and spectators are most likely to witness breaching and natural predation. This is very unique to False Bay, Seal Island. This is the only place in the world you can witness Breaching and Natural Predation.

As you arrive at the island you shall spend about an hour looking for seal pods leaving the location or going towards Seal Island. It's these pods that the Great Whites will attack.
After this, the boat will then tie a seal decoy at the back of the boat and tow it - just watch the decoy for some more Great Whites Breaching. This event will last for about an hour.
The boat will then pull the decoy in and find a favorable spot to   anchor the boat and drop the cage into the water for you to see Great Whites from within the cage. The trip will last approximately 4 -5 hours.
This trip only runs throughout Winter (June - End Aug).


When the boat anchors, you don't have to go inside the cage if you don't want to. Viewing on the boat is generally better due to the visibility underwater being poor sometimes due to weather - this decision is entirely your choice.

What to Bring

  • Please bring some suntan lotion, a cap, sunglasses, a warm jersey or jacket, towel and swimsuit
  • I would suggest taking motion sickness tablets before embarking on the trip (there is nothing worse than motion sickness. This will definitely spoil the adventure so take heed)
  • Don’t forget your camera and extra batteries
  • A video of your Shark Cage Diving experienced can be purchased after your trip, so bringing some cash along is optional


Predation Trip –  Morning Trip ( Mid May to mid September )  – R3200pp  BOOK NOW
Predation Trip – Afternoon Trip  ( Mid May to mid September ) – R2150pp  BOOK NOW

No Diving Experience Needed

We welcome all enquiries whether you are an experienced, qualified diver or have no diving experience at all.


Cost R500 pp from Cape Town City Centre

Private Transport

Please contact us for a quote.

We recommend this option due to the long delay customers experience when waiting to be picked up and dropped off before and after your trip. After being on the boat for 4 hours, then having to wait a few more to be dropped off, this experience can be very exhausting and frustrating for some. A direct trip to Simon's Town, from Cape Town, via car is 30 min, with no traffic when going Shark Cage Diving .

contact us to book

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