Paragliding Cape Town

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What to expect

You will  either travel through our Mother City, Cape Town towards Lions Head or you travel to Hermanus through our beautiful Sir Lowrys Pass to enjoy your Maiden Voyage high in the sky. You will be greeted by friendly staff. They will  brief you of what to expect and give you information on the area, safety and get you kitted up for an adventure of a life time.

What to wear

Long trousers (recommended) Can get cold up high in the sky
Light jacket/ wind breaker (recommended) Can get cold up high in the sky
Closed Lace up shoes (requirement!!!!) – sports shoes
Suncreen, hat and sunglasses (recommended)

How long are the flights

Trips are 5 – 30 mins.
I know – that is really SHORT!! We do agree. We also prefer longer flights as much as you would. Unfortunately, this is weather dependent. The duration of the flight depends on the amount of lift the weather provides us at the time. This is always changing and therefore flights differ day to day and throughout the day.
If you are wanting a guaranteed flight duration then gliding is just not for you.

Do I get a discount if my flight is too short?

Sorry unfortunately NO.
If you feel the flight duration was too short and would like to go again, we may offer a discount on your 2nd flight.

Can I take my camera up with me Paragliding?

Yes you may. But at your own Risk. We take no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by yourself or to others. Ensure your camera is secured to yourself during flight (requirement)
We offer photos and videos at a small cost. We use a high quality go pro to take all footage of your flight.
You can view the footage after the flight without obligation to purchase the footage.


Once you have landed we will transport you back to where you started from or you can leave from where we land. We can arrange a taxi back to your accommodation if you don't have transport back.

Who can Paraglide?

All can fly. Disabled can also fly. If you have a disability and you want to fly, give us a call. We have a lot of experience flying with people with all sorts of disabilities.
Children under 18 must get their parents consent
If you do have a medical condition please consult your doctor before flying.
Maximum Weight – less than 120kg


Can I bring a bag?

Yes you may.
Depending on the size of the bag we can send it down with the bus or small bags can be stowed in the harness and be flown down with you

What to bring

Laced up shoes – Running or walking
Long sleeve wind breaker if it gets cold
Sun Block and Hat
Drinking water for the hike up Lions Head

Open chat

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